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DCP 1521aHere, as promised, is the PowerPoint from my session at our recent Regional English Conference.This is an annual event hosted in Doncaster to support the teaching of English in the north east of England.

For those of you unable to attend, it was another excellent event chock full of ideas for teaching English. There were brilliant sessions from Tara and Catherine on Writing to Describe; Charlotte on supporting ‘radical readers’; and Joy, Beth, Judith and Audrey gave us an amazing range of active strategies for teaching poetry.

Below is the link to download my notes on teaching deduction and inference in reading.

Teaching Deduction and Inference.ppt

I shall add copies of the resources that I used as part of the session soon. Check back to this blog in a few days for more!

Oh, and the tree? Well, that was our plenary activity. I’d assembled a few prunings in a pot at the front of the conference venue. At the end of the session, delegates wrote ideas on cut-out leaf shapes and were invited to add them to the bare branches. As you can see, those teaching ideas are blossoming in Doncaster!

2 Responses

  1. Great website- very helpful; some great ideas and resources. Thankyou very much for sharing the fruits of your hard work

    • Thank you for the feedback Ben. I’m glad you like the site. You know, it still knocks me out that ideas and resources from my classroom can find there way to the other side of the world: shrinking planet indeed!

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